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There are things you should hear...but don't.

Diane Darrow
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Advisory Board Development

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Whether it be a valued segment of your customer base or a department of employees in your organization — it’s safe to say there are things you should hear from them…but don’t.  Advisory Boards serve to — either on an ongoing basis, or as a one shot deal — gather input through facilitated discussion.

Sincere, meaningful input...

Years ago I served on a number of customer advisory board for hotels and cities and I only agreed to serve if I felt they were sincere in gathering meaningful input. 

I vividly remember my boss at the time saying “You really enjoy serving on these Boards – what is so intriguing about them to you?”  I summarized my interest as follows:  “Well, they ask for honest opinions, they listen to what we have to say, they implement many of the ideas we share and they keep us informed of their progress.”  I went on to tell my boss — and anyone who knows me would expect nothing else — “You pay me and you don’t do those things!”  And yes, I had a great relationship with that boss and we laughed and developed a more productive relationship as a result.

Productive effort...

As a participant in Advisory Boards I was also a student and learned the necessary elements to insure a productive effort geared at both gathering input and building loyalty.  Let’s talk about how to develop an Advisory Board for your business! Please call or email to discuss how Diane Darrow can assist you.


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