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Business owners and managers often times think that leadership is something their employees should 'assume'.

Diane Darrow
Bradenton, FL 34203

Leadership Training

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Developing leaders internally is the most efficient and effective approach a business leader can take while growing a business.  Whether it be from within a department or from senior management – having internal “leaders” provide the foundation for building a solid and sustainable business is an important element for sustainable success.

Motivated leaders must understand...

  • The organizational structure
  • The organizational culture
  • Their authority and responsibility (they go hand in hand)
  • The structure of support provided to them
  • Why they should make the investment of time and energy

Take the lead...

Business owners and managers oftentimes think that leadership is something their employees should “assume” and, like many other things in business that may not happen by itself.  Like anything else – it happens because someone took the lead to MAKE it happen.

If you have a business…and want to build that business through employees and/or members “owning” the success of that business, call or email Diane Darrow.


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