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“Strategic Planning is the business tool that allows an organization to provide and exercise focus to insure accomplishment of identified goals.”

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Strategic Planning

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What is Strategic Planning and why should it be done on an annual basis?

Strategic Planning is the business tool that allows an organization to provide and exercise “focus” to insure accomplishment of identified goals. 

Strategic Planning is often overlooked and gives way to the daily pressures of business however, when done properly, Strategic Planning relieves those pressures.  Facilitating an annual Strategic Planning session allows an organization to periodically assess both internal and external factors and align resources to accomplish goals.  Optimal timing for a Strategic Planning session is prior to the development of an annual budget.

Who should be involved in the Strategic Planning process?

Everyone in an organization should be involved in Strategic Planning both prior to a facilitated annual session and throughout the year.  Employees in an organization often have a different perspective than “management.”  Involving everyone, and tying accomplishment of elements of the plan to the incentive system of an organization makes the organization’s commitment to success very clear to everyone.

How much time should be devoted to the annual Strategic Planning session?

It depends on the group how involved the Strategic Planning session should be.  A long Strategic Planning session does not have any impact on the quality of the plan however a well-planned session has an excellent chance of achieving a well thought out and achievable plan.  Oftentimes the session itself should not be more than 8 hours, and is often most effective if done over a two day period of time.

Why should Strategic Planning be facilitated by a professional?

A professional facilitator insures the credibility of the process and insures the process is completed with balance.   A professional facilitator is able to plan the process WITH management and will insure all identified goals are accomplished in the process.  A professional facilitator should also identify, if not manage, how to perform periodic evaluations throughout the year.

How should we proceed if we are interested in hiring a professional facilitator?

Diane Darrow is an experienced facilitator and has partnered with many organizations as they developed and implemented their Strategic Plans.  To learn more about how to proceed please call Diane Darrow at 941-345-3475.

Are there alternatives to hiring a professional facilitator?

Yes – the strategic planning process can be planned in partnership with a strong leader in your organization.  This individual can be “coached” in the facilitation process.  However, this alternative is only recommended for follow-up plans.  Development of the initial Strategic Plan is best accomplished in partnership with a professional facilitator.

Please call or email to discuss how Diane Darrow can assist you.


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