Change is Inevitable...

Transitional management provides the constant while the 'right'
long-term fix is being worked on.

Diane Darrow
Bradenton, FL 34203

Transitional Management

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One constant in management is CHANGE.   Employees leave, become ill, or are distracted with other priorities.  Being able to react to this type of change is an important skill of leadership and management. 

“Transitional Management” provides the constant in an organization while the “right” long term fix is being worked on.  Whether it be a department, a meeting, or a whole organization – transitional management provides the peace of mind of continuity and excellence in the management process.

Commitment to excellence...

As a management professional for over 35 years Diane Darrow has the ability and passion, as well as the commitment to excellence, to jump in, partner productively with leadership and/or management, evaluate the current situation and develop a plan to move forward – identifying a timeline and necessary resources. Please call or email to discuss how Diane Darrow can assist you.


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